Whenever I need you, you’re always there
Through every chest pain
Through every scare
From the beginning of time, I could always count on you
No matter what I did
You always stayed true
Even when our relationship was one-sided
You never left my side
Even when it came to asking you for help, and I was undecided
You let me know that it was ok to put aside my pride
I can call you any day any time any night
Without me saying anything you know when something isn’t right
When I found out about my heart my mind was gone
You let me vent, cry, and gave me a shoulder to lean on
Through you, I was able to get to your Father
he told me to hold on to his hand
& with the both of you near me
I feel as that I belong on this land
I don’t know what I would do with you in my life
Because of you, I was able to meet my wife
For me, you made the ultimate sacrifice
If I ever have a problem I can bring it to you and don’t have to think twice
I know that the more I talk to you at night
I can receive peace, and sleep instead of being sleepless
Because of you all my battles I don’t even have to fight
Grateful to have a friend like you I just want to let you know that I love you, Jesus.

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