In this blog, I am going to talk about something that I hear very often. I am not a person that goes around looking for sympathy, pity, or anything in that nature, but there are days(more bad than good physically) when I feel like complete crap and don’t have the energy to even get up and use the restroom, but I find my strength as talked about in the last blog. I literally push myself to do a lot of things not because I want people to notice, but me getting up doing things does something good for my mental state of mind, because I know if I lay around all day(some days I can’t help it) I will get in a funk so to prevent that I get up to do something, or just go out somewhere, but if I tell you, or anyone with any type of disorder tells you that they aren’t feeling well DO NOT say to them well I can’t tell you’re not feeling well, or you don’t look sick that can make a person shut down and not want to open up about them not feeling well, and that is the last thing you want your loved one to do is shut down, because family support is vital when it comes to the healing process. Speaking for myself I try to do a lot of things not because I am feeling like a million bucks but because I want to be in a good headspace because mental health(although we act ashamed to talk about it) is very important. I understand that when “but you don’t look sick” is said the majority of the time it’s not meant to be rude or hurtful, but you have to think would anyone really wanna walk around with sick written on their forehead? I thank God I don’t look how I feel most of the time but when I am feeling bad but looking well please understand and consider feelings before you say something that may offend your loved ones. It’s tough enough to feel as if doctors aren’t taking your illness serious, you shouldn’t feel like that when it comes to your loved ones. Thank you all for reading. May God bless you and may your hearts be healed.


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7 thoughts on “But you don’t look sick.

  1. You make some great points, about how it can help your mental status by getting up and going, and also by how some people need to be more sensitive, and just because you don’t ‘look’ sick doesn’t meant that you don’t ‘feel’ sick. Best of luck to you!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I think it is important to always be considerate of other’s conditions or even just feelings. Sometimes it is hard for others to understand when they have not been living it like you. Great job

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