• Learning Self Love

      How do you define your self worth ? I can tell you how I used to define my self worth. Before my self worth was defined by how many […]

  • Your disability doesn’t define your ability

    Seems like today everyone is concerned with labels. Labels are used every day to define people. One label that has been given to me is disabled. All my life I […]

  • Your past doesn’t define your now

      In one of my past blogs I talked about not allowing others to hold you back, but what about when we hold ourselves back. We will hold ourselves back […]

  • Putting you first

      Some people have this notion that its selfish for you to put yourself first. While I agree that we shouldn’t be all about self all the time there is […]

  • So you want to give up?

    We have times in life where it seems as if nothing is going right at all. Whether it’s our health, family life, work life, or just life in general. Sometimes […]

  • Taking care of our bodies.

      Your body is a temple is what I always heard as a child, and I never understood what that meant until now. Before, and after I found out I […]

  • Why do you worship

    A few weeks ago I recited a poem I wrote at my church’s talent show. I wanted to share it with you all as well. Also a copy of the […]

  • My Letter to God

    God I am coming to you humble  Speaking from my heart  It’s seems that I have stumbled  Like I am back at start  Trying to stay in a positive mind […]

  • A Friend Like You

      Whenever I need you, you’re always there Through every chest pain Through every scare From the beginning of time, I could always count on you No matter what I […]

  • Running the race

      Keep moving, keep running Don’t slow down keep gunning Your dreams they are near Keep jumping over the hurdles of fear Don’t let the obstacles trip you up Keep […]