One of the questions that I get asked all the time is “how do you remain so happy with everything going on”? My response is always that you have to create your happiness.  I know that sounds cliché, but the more you practice creating happiness the happiness will flow.  I try not to focus on the negative and do things that makes me happy such as reading my bible, meditating, hanging with my wife and family, and also motivating others.  I also want to throw it out there that just because I don’t focus on the negative doesn’t mean that I am naive to what is going on.  I just choose how I use my energy I could use my energy to dwell on all the negative things going on or I can use my energy to do things to make me happy and keep my mind occupied.  So, the question I am asking you all today is how will you use your energy?  We can’t rely on others to create our happiness for us we have to create it ourselves.  There will be times where we will get down because we are still human we still have feelings, but the best things about being down its nowhere to go but up.  So, keep the faith, remain strong you can get through it.  Thank you for reading.  May God bless you, and your hearts be healed.


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1 thought on “Happiness

  1. This is so true. It’s a proven fact that a happy positive attitude can help with healing. When we take our downfalls, illnesses, trials and tribulations and turn them in to a positive way of living, it’s easier to deal with when situations beyond our control arises. Looking at different ways to cope with life has helped me over the years of heartaches, lose of loved ones and just plain of life itself. Never waller in self pity as self pity is the epitome of defeat. Great message Grand. Keep them coming! God is the greatest doctor anyone could ever need!

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