How do you define your self worth ? I can tell you how I used to define my self worth. Before my self worth was defined by how many people liked me, by what kind of clothes I wore, and what type of influence I had on people. What I didn’t realize at the time I was living in a false reality. I felt like the more cool things(things others considered cool) I did it would take me away from the realization that I didn’t actually love myself. 

The society we live in has always been focused on looks, and if you didn’t fit the standard you were basically an outcast. Sad right ? Yeah I know. I was trying to fit into society’s bubble. I knew I didn’t have the looks so I was doing everything else to offset that to make myself acceptable. There were times where I couldn’t even look in the mirror because I hated the way that I looked. I always said why did I have to be born this way. I probably showed myself more  hate than any bully had ever shown me. I had to realize that I wasn’t born to fit in. I was born the way I was for a reason. I had to love myself, I had to understand that I was a good person, and any person that couldn’t see that because they couldn’t see passed my looks didn’t deserve to have me as a friend. It didn’t happen over night , and I am still growing each day. 

I now find the beauty in my deformities. I love my twisted nose, my asymmetrical face, my different ear, my one sided mouth movement. I love it all. It’s me. It’s love. It’s love for myself. It’s self-love. I am encouraging you all who struggle with finding the beauty in yourself inside and out to step away from society norms and reflect within yourself I’m sure you’ll find the value in yourself as well. Don’t allow anyone to put a price tag on something they didn’t create. Love yourself. 


2 thoughts on “Learning Self Love

  1. Awesome. We all ought to love ourselves. We all have scars even the ones that are not visible and we need to love our scars as well.

    1. I love it !!!!
      Thanks for having a heart so big and so strong to love yourself no matter what adversity you have faced ❤
      Sending you all the hugs from

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