God I am coming to you humble 

Speaking from my heart 

It’s seems that I have stumbled 

Like I am back at start 

Trying to stay in a positive mind

While depression is knocking on my door 

The enemy wants my peace to be hard to find

But I know the promises you have in store. 

As I sit in this hospital bed

My love ones say you’ve made it this far I know you’ll over come 

&Yes it’s true what they have said 

But how many times do I have to make it far before this sickness battle is won ?

I tell myself I have heart disease it doesn’t have me 

Even when I feel like I’m at my weakest point 

But this sickness seems to controls the things that helps me function properly 

Even down to my bones and joints 

But no I won’t complain 

& I don’t want anyone’s pity 

I know it won’t always rain 

I know life want always be pretty. 

I just needed to get that off of my chest 

Because my thoughts were starting to close in 

I know you have destined me to be more and not less

Lord I know with you I will win. 



Thank you for reading my God bless you and may your hearts be healed. 


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