Some people have this notion that its selfish for you to put yourself first. While I agree that we shouldn’t be all about self all the time there is nothing wrong with looking out for yourself every once in a while. We often try to look out and do for others as much as we can while neglecting our own needs. Have you ever heard the saying “being put on the back burner”? People typically say it when they feel forgotten by someone, but let’s look at it deeper.

Let’s say you put a full pot of water on the back burner (this symbolizes you). You put more pots on the other burners (this symbolizes those you help). You’re tending to the other pots making sure they get what they deserve, but meanwhile, your pot is sitting back there draining. Now once your pot drains completely it’s going to burn.

Moral of what I am trying to say is don’t continue to burn yourself out. Take some time for you. Enjoy your own company, catch up on something you’ve been putting off, and the most important thing is to learn to say NO! There is nothing wrong with saying no sometimes. Love yourself enough to understand that as much as you love you to help others it’s not ok to constantly neglect your needs.

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