Keep moving, keep running
Don’t slow down keep gunning
Your dreams they are near
Keep jumping over the hurdles of fear
Don’t let the obstacles trip you up
Keep courage filled in your cup
It seems like the track is breaking down
It seems like your feet keep losing ground
You knew that everything wasn’t going to be bliss
But you didn’t know the race would be like this
You keep running even though the farther you get it seems to be less pretty
You don’t feel sorry for yourself, and you don’t look for pity
Your dreams you can see them, you can taste them, you can feel them within reach
It looks so bright, the smell is so strong, and so clear like bleach
You realize what’s ahead so you pick up the pace
You still keep running even with adversity slapping you in the face
You keep running as if your dreams have a due date, but its ok to take your time
But you don’t wanna hear that you’re just focused on the finish line
You finally reach your dreams and for a moment you feel like you’ve won
But you’re gearing back up to race to fill your satisfaction because in your eyes there is still more to be done.

Remember with God on your side you can conquer anything. May God bless you and may your hearts be healed.

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