We have times in life where it seems as if nothing is going right at all. Whether it’s our health, family life, work life, or just life in general. Sometimes it just seems too much to bear, and usually, when that happens the enemy likes to creep up and put the thought in our mind to just give up. It sounds so easy right, but is it? Giving up would consist of all of your hard work, all of your fight, the sweat, and tears you put in to get to where you are now to go down the drain, and that’s time you can’t get back.

What makes you want to give up? Could it be that every time you get on the internet you see people flourishing? If so then you are focused on the wrong things. We don’t know what others did to get where they are, and quite honestly its none of our business. The time we spend worrying, and stressing about things that don’t concern us is the very same time we could use to brainstorm solutions for our own problems. I want to ask another question are you putting in the work? James 2:17 says “Even so faith, if it has no works, is dead, being by itself.” Let’s apply this same statement to our daily life. I will use myself as an example. If I say I want my heart to get better, but I am not taking necessary actions to achieve a healthier heart, did I really want my heart to get better? We have to hold ourselves accountable at some point. In that situation, it would be my fault for my heart not getting better because I wasn’t taking the steps.

Now, what if you’re doing everything right, but stuff still isn’t going well for you? In life, we have to accept that we won’t have sunshine all of the time. There will be some days where we have to endure some storms, but we have to rejoice in our sadness the same way we rejoice in your happiness. I know it’s easier said than done because we are human and we have feelings and some days you do not want to push, but we have to keep pushing even when it hurts. In closing, I would also like to say don’t always expect constant praise or compliments from others, look at whatever you’re trying to achieve as if it was a garden. Yes its nice to have others water it every now and again, but ultimately if you want your garden to grow you are going to have to water and take care it yourself for maximum results.

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  1. This is so inspiring and motivational all at the same time. This was well needed and by far the best blog yet! Be blessed and keep striving!!!

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