Failure, waste of space, unworthy are the thoughts that consume my brain
While I take my morning medicine to cover the pain
I know that its just the enemy trying to consume me
I continue to resist him but he just won’t flee
Thoughts of what I used to be and what I am now
Thoughts of why did this happen and thoughts of how
Am I only here on Earth to suffer?
I have gotten through it all so it only made me tougher
Through it all, I still will give God the glory
I will tell my testimony I will tell my story
I may slip, and I may stumble
I may crack, but I won’t crumble
I can’t do the things I used to
That may be true
Even though I have a lot on my plate
I know how much I can chew
Like placing an order at my favorite restaurant
I now know what the heart wants
I know that the heart wants me to be happy
To be at ease
To be a champion
For me to be free
I am the more
I have said goodbye to less
I am striving for greatness
&I won’t still until that is what I possess


I want to dedicate this blog to my brother Mike thank you for always believing in me.


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