A few weeks ago I recited a poem I wrote at my church’s talent show. I wanted to share it with you all as well. Also a copy of the video of me reciting this at my church. Enjoy!

The Devil is busy he will do anything he can to get inside your mind and throw you off track. Well one night the enemy was talking to me and I want to tell you all what I said back

He said to me

Your life is falling apart why do you worship ?

You have so many things in life you want to do but can’t seem to start why do you worship ?

You have more bills than you have funds why do you worship ?

When you needed people the most it seems like they were on the run again why do you worship ?

People who follow me are sinning and have everything they ever wanted why do you worship ?

That purpose you thought you had seems to be expiring why do you worship ?

If God loved you so much why did he make you this way ?Why do you worship ?

Your life has never been easy seems like you’ve always had a high price to pay why do you worship ?

Your health is on the decline and you’re always sick

So I’ll ask you one last time is your worship really worth it ?

So I let him know that

I worship because despite what it looks like I walk by faith and not by sight

I worship because although funds may be coming in at a slow speed

My God still supplies everything that I need

When I needed friends the most yes it seems like they were gone

But I still worship because the God I serve has never left me alone

You want me to follow you because you offer diamonds and pearls

But I worship because greater  is he who is in me than he who is in the world

You say my purpose is expiring but with that I just can’t cope

I worship because Jeremiah 29:11 reminds me that The Lord has plans to give me a future and hope

You say God doesn’t love me because how I look as if I am the one that’s being played,but I worship because despite what you and others may think  I know I am fearfully and wonderfully made

You say my life hasn’t been easy seems like I can’t win , but I worship because Jesus already paid the ultimate price when he died for my sins

My health may be failing, day-to-day I don’t know how I may feel, but I worship because I know by his stripes I am already healed.

See devil I am not afraid to call you what you really are, and that is a liar

&everything you’ve gotten it’s because you have cheated

You ask if my worship is worth it ? The answer is yes because in the end I know you’ll be defeated.

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