Seems like today everyone is concerned with labels. Labels are used every day to define people. One label that has been given to me is disabled. All my life I have heard  that I am disabled based off of my birth deformities, now I hear that word based on my heart issues. I used to let it get me down. I would say things like if everyone is saying I can’t do  this it must be true, but it was miles away from the truth.  A few nights ago we had fellowship at my church, and my youth pastors said that we can have a lot of good qualities but if someone says something  bad about us we tend to focus on that bad thing, ignoring the good qualities, and that comes from not knowing our identity. That was my problem. I was allowing someone other than God dictate what I could do. I was giving people power over my future, and letting them put limits on me rather than listening to God. Once I realized what I was doing I knew it had to stop immediately. I knew I had to focus on what I could do rather than what I couldn’t. Did my mindset change overnight? No, but it did change. That’s the main point! We all can’t do the same things, and that is fine, but we all can something. So, today I encourage you to take the steps to do something positive. Something that you have always wanted to do. You may surprise yourself when you realize you can do more than you  think. Disabled doesn’t mean unable. You are able , and you have a purpose. Thank you for reading. 


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