In one of my past blogs I talked about not allowing others to hold you back, but what about when we hold ourselves back. We will hold ourselves back by letting our past define our future. Then we get in our own head and say things like I can’t be this because I used to do this. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for changes that we have made.

Stop putting yourself in this box, or mental prison. I promise majority of the time you are thinking too hard about it and get in your own way. While it is true some people will neglect to see the changes that you have made and view you as the person you were rather than who you are at the present moment, but that’s their problem, not yours. As long as you know yourself why waste time trying to prove anything to anyone? Your actions will speak for themselves.

In order to free yourself from this mindset, you must truly forgive yourself. I was really hard on myself about that. As stated earlier I put myself in a mental prison for my faults and my sins. I found it hard to forgive myself. Yeah, I prayed about it asked God to forgive me for my sins, but I was still holding on to things. Then one day I said God has already forgiven me. He had already moved past that situation and had me set up for better, but I had to take the step and realize that I had to forgive myself and let it go so that I can truly be free and walk in my purpose. So today I encourage you to release yourself from that mindset that tells you that you can’t be great because of your past. Love yourself, forgive yourself, and walk in greatness.


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